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TVRC Covid Response

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TVRC Covid-19 Response and Operations

Updated Febuary 1st 2022-


The TVRC program is built around an intentional and strong community with a major focus on backcountry and wilderness experiences. Bringing people together and creating positive life changing experiences is what we do best, and it’s been challenging to accomplish that over the past two summers due to COVID-19.

Therefore, to promote good risk management, we will require all campers and staff to be up-to-date on their vaccine for Covid-19 this summer. It’s our hope this will help prevent outbreaks at camp that would create immense challenges with quarantining, missed trips and could impact the services we provide. It also helps us be more lenient on masks, social distancing, routine testing and prepares us for more social events, like Dubois Rodeos, dinosaur museums, and town trips. We believe the vaccine is a tool in our kit and one that will set us up for a successful and memorable camp experience.

Since the end of last summer, developing a Covid policy has been a focus of the Leadership Team and Board of Directors. We have worked diligently to understand the nuances and issues with creating a blanket policy for everyone in the TVRC community.

When we venture into the backcountry, we begin preparing before we ever set foot off the Ranch. We plan our route, look at the weather, and gather the needed equipment. Part of our staff members’ job is to manage risk with opportunities for challenge, growth and adventure. We pack bear spray, water purification methods, first aid kits, maps, and satellite phones all to support the likelihood of a safe, fun, and impactful experience. In the same way, we believe the Covid-19 vaccine has a place in residential camping and as a risk management tool.

Vaccine exemptions for medical reasons or religious beliefs may be considered. Furthermore, TVRC continues to review and monitor the Covid situation; thus, TVRC may amend this policy at any time. For more details about our policy, please visit our Covid-19 FAQ page. Please reach out to us if you have questions or would like to discuss this more.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

The TVRC-EF Board of Directors & TVRC Leadership Team

TVRC's 2022 Covid-19 framework: