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TVRC’s 2022 Covid-19 Vaccine Statement and FAQ

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TVRC 2022 Covid-19 Vaccine Statement and FAQ’s for Staff and Campers

At TVRC, our goal for the 2022 Season is to provide the most normal camp experience possible. The most common request that we have heard from families in the past two years is that we “operate as normally as possible”. This means: returning to free activity choice, little to no mask wearing, and enabling groups to mix and mingle at meals, during freetime, and other camp wide programs. This also means a return to outside camp programming (service projects, museums, local rodeos, and town trips).

We feel most empowered to do this responsibly if we have a high percentage of vaccinated community members. We are aiming for a 90%-95% vaccination rate within our community. Doing this allows us the comfort of returning to “normal” programming while also providing opportunities for exemptions. The ultimate goal is keeping our community healthy.

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Further, our intent to target a high percentage of our community to be vaccinated is the result of the following points:

It’s becoming best practice in the camping, sport, and education industries. Many other camps, our federal agency partners, and industry leaders such as NOLS are requiring participants and staff to be vaccinated. We see more schools and youth sports teams requiring vaccination as well.

We manage risk. Our job as camping professionals is to walk the fine line between risk and reward, and we do this with your campers in mind. We would never intentionally put your children, our staff, or the community at undue risk when reasonable interventions are possible. We are and have always been focused on the health of our community.

Our remote location and limited facilities, which make us special, also make this extra challenging. TVRC is already one of the most remote summer camps in the lower 48, and we have very limited local and community resources we can rely on. Further, we don’t have space or the facilities to quarantine or isolate large parts of our community. Should an outbreak occur, there is no easy way for us to quarantine or isolate groups of people without drastically affecting the program and experience.

We recognize that face-to-face interaction is essential for building relationships in a camp setting. Given how little time we have with one another each summer, face-to-face interaction helps us create the lifelong friendships we pride ourselves in. A high vaccination rate amongst our camp community allows us to not require the routine wearing of face masks as a part of our Covid management plan. This allows for easier establishment of relationships and deeper, meaningful connections within our community.

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  • They have received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine with the last dose being a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of their enrolled session.
  • TVRC is not requiring boosters at this time for campers.
  • Children and young adults who are under 18 can only receive the Pfizer vaccine

CAMPERS/ Families pursuing exemptions: TVRC will consider vaccine exemptions for campers if:

  • Exemptions are recommended and endorsed by a licensed physician or due to religious belief.
  • Proper exemption paperwork is submitted no later than May 1st, 2022.
  • Campers for whom vaccine exemptions are granted must:
  1. Consent to arrival testing on opening day and testing if symptomatic.
  2. Agree to all cabin/bed/tent/trip placements made by TVRC staff.
  • Campers/Families whose exemptions are not approved will be entitled to a refund of their deposit (less any credit card transaction fees).

Regardless of Vaccine status, ALL Campers and Families will agree:

  • Campers may be required to agree to Covid-19 testing (if symptomatic or for community wide testing).
  • All campers regardless of vaccination status will be required to test within 72 hours of Opening Day and show evidence of a negative test before arrival to the ranch or prior to being met at the Salt Lake City or Denver airports and transported to the ranch.
  • Acceptable tests are an FDA-authorized viral COVID-19 test, a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (such as a PCR/molecular test), or an antigen test that is preferably administered in a healthcare setting or certified testing site.
  • While we strongly encourage tests to be administered in a medical setting, we will accept tests collected at home to ensure all camper families have the ability to test their campers before camp. If submitting a negative at-home test, families must take a picture of the test and result, camper name, and date of the test.
  • Campers who have tested positive for Covid-19 90 days prior to camp will need to submit verification of infection, including a positive test result at that time of infection, or a doctor’s note to verify their recovery.
  • All test results need to be uploaded in the forms section in your CampInTouch or Campanion app prior to your camper traveling to the ranch.
  • Families agree to consider limiting activities in public places 7 days prior to arrival. Please follow the CDC Guidelines for Small and Large Gatherings.
  • Families agree to monitor campers for illness and report findings to camp for the 7 days prior to arrival and fill out the Health Check on your CampInTouch account or Campanion App.
  • Restriction or cancellation of programming, activities, and trips may occur if an individual is positive for Covid-19 or due to local conditions.
  • No refunds or prorated tuition due to missed time at camp or missed program/trips.
  • Missed trips/programming will not be rescheduled.
  • Individuals may be required to be picked up from camp if severely ill or if camp cannot accommodate quarantine/isolation.
  • To abide by all decisions made by TVRC leadership regarding: Masking and quarantine/isolation accommodations.
Camper Exemption Form

2022 Covid FAQ’s for ALL Families and Campers