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TVRC Expeditions Summer 2022

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A helpful tool to answer your questions and help prepare you and your child for the summer. The parent handbook serves as a reference guide for while your child is at camp, from understanding a typical day at TVRC to how to send your camper a letter during the summer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Expeditions Parent Handbook 2022

We will be offering our Expeditions Program again this summer. For the past two years, we’ve called this program Outrider Expeditions, but we are combining that programming into our traditional Expeditions Program for the 2022 camp season.

All of our Expeditions sessions are backpacking only. We will have a total of six different trips offered this summer. Please see the details below for the different age and gender trips we will be offering. Each group will have up to 10 campers with two trail counselors leading their trip. These trips will explore a variety of locations throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and may include Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, or one of the many National Forests that surround the parks and the Ranch. Exact details of the trips will be announced closer to the summer.

All trips are geared to the age of the camper and will be supportive of any experience level.

If you’re intrested in Expeditions 2022 please reach out to Matthew McGee at .

TVRC-Expeditions is a two-week backpacking program geared toward middle and high school students (ages 13 - 17) who are excited about practicing camping techniques and leadership skills in the stunning mountain ranges of northwestern Wyoming. Whether you are an avid hiker or eager to try backcountry camping for the first time, TVRC-Expeditions offers educational opportunities appropriate for students with varying levels of experience.

Expeditions Session One: Single-Gender Cohorts, age 13 and 14

Enrollment is CLOSED for Expeditions Session One

This first round of Expeditions includes two trips, one for girls 13-14 and one for boys 13-14. These trips have the same dates for arrival and departure but campers will be on seperate trips.

  • Arrival Day June 12, 2022
  • Departure Day June 25, 2022

NOTE: Your child will need to fly into either Salt Lake City, UT or the Riverton, WY airport where TVRC will pick them up, and it’s required that your child flies out of the Riverton, WY airport as the Jackson Hole Airport will be closed from April 8, 2022 to June 28, 2022.

Expeditions Session Two: Single-Gender Cohorts, age 14 to 16

Enrollment is CLOSED for Expeditions Session Two

This round of Expeditions includes staggered arrival and departure dates for boys and girls.

Boys Expeditions 2 age 14 to 16

  • Arrival Day June 30, 2022
  • Departure Day July 12, 2022

Girls Expeditions 2 age 14 to 16

  • Arrival Day July 2, 2022
  • Departure Day July 15, 2022

Expeditions Session Three: Co-ed Cohort, age 13 and 14

This round of Expeditions offers a co-ed option for campers 13 to 14.

  • Arrival Day July 18, 2022
  • Departure Day July 31, 2022

Expeditions Session Four: Co-ed Cohort, age 15 to 17 - With Grand Climb

This round of Expeditions includes a Teton Crest Trail backpack trip, and a Grand Teton Summit attempt with the support of Exum Mountain Guides. Two days will be spent training for climbing the Grand with Exum and then the group will embark on a two-day summit attempt. This is a co-ed trip for older campers age 15 to 17.

  • Arrival Day July 20, 2022
  • Departure Day August 2, 2022
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A typical Expedition includes 10 campers and two Trail Counselors (TC’s). Students join us from a variety of locations and backgrounds and do not need to have previous experience at TVRC. TVRC-Expeditions TC’s will guide the group through their time in Wyoming, coaching students on both the “hard” and “soft” skills necessary to execute a successful backcountry excursion.

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Hard skills covered include:

  • Trip Planning and Preparation
  • Navigation and Route Finding
  • Campsite Selection
  • Backcountry Cooking and Nutrition
  • Techniques for Travel in Bear Country
  • Hazard Evaluation and Risk Management
  • Mountain Weather
  • Geology and Ecology
  • Animal and Plant Identification
  • Backcountry First Aid
  • Ethics and Principles of Leave No Trace

Soft skills practiced include:

  • Leadership Styles and Techniques
  • Expedition Behavior
  • Self-Confidence
  • Communication
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback