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TVRC Scholarship Endowment

The TVRC Scholarship Endowment allows us to support campers from a variety of backgrounds to experience what it means to be Ready to Ride.

We’re on our way to funding this endowment fully with the end goal of having $2 million available support multiple campers each summer in attending TVRC.

We believe the experiences and opportunities given to children that attend TVRC should not be available to a select few and we commit to utilizing this endowment for both boys and girls season annually.

If you would like to donate directly to our Scholarship Endowment please use the link below and select “scholarship” in the drop down.

We are also looking for Trail Riders to join us with a multi year gift that will go to supporting campers this year! While we finish fundraising for the endowment we raise donations annually to support current campers who need scholarship support. Reach out to Paige at if you would like to be part of this effort.

If you’d prefer to send a check please send it to:

The TVRC Education Foundation
P.O. Box 4915
Jackson, WY 83001

Donate to Scholarship Endowment Now
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Family Endowment’s Supporting TVRC Scholarships

We’re humbled that there are those in the TVRC Community who choose to honor and remember loved ones who have passed by donating in their name to support our scholarship efforts. Below is a list of those have established annual donations or contributed to the TVRC Scholarship Endowment in memory of a loved one.

The Harkness Family In memory of Luke Harkness, TVRC Alumni

The Chip Copeland Memorial Fund In memory of Chip Copeland, TVRC Alumni

The Laurie J. Giesen Scholarship In memory of Laurie J. Giesn, TVRC Alumna

If you would like to honor a loved one via a donation to TVRC please reach out to Paige at .