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Support TVRC

Old Bill’s Fun Run was created by two prominent families in Jackson Hole. While their actual names aren’t Bill they chose a joint pseudonym to use as they established this annual event that supports many of the non-profits in the area.

TVRC has been participating in Old Bill’s for over ten years. This event supports us with key general operation funds on an annual basis. The Old Bill’s backers understand that annual operating costs are often one of the hardest things to fund raise for. They’re not as exciting as funding a new building, supporting an organization through scholarships, or backing a new initiative. But funding annual operating expenses allow non-profits to focus on providing the best possible experience. For us, knowing that our annual operating expenses are supported by donations like this allow us to allocate funds for specific repairs and ensuring our programming is supported by an infrastructure that is as up to date as possible.

Your support of TVRC through the Old Bill’s Fun Run also comes with the opportunity for up to $30,000 in matching funds to be unlocked for us. Your donation of a few dollars can be doubled if we reach the $30,000 minimum threshold.

In the past the funds raised through this event have gone toward improving our facilities, paying a portion of programming expenses, scholarships for Teton County Campers, and more.

Donations are open between August 12, 2022 and September 16, 2022 please click the link below to donate today!