Rough Riders

The Rough Rider adventure group is TVRC’s largest and oldest program. While some Rough Riders are returning campers from their Yearling summer, most are first year campers between 12-14 years old.

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Throughout the summer, campers are exposed to everything TVRC has to offer; from three- or four-day backpacks and pack trips, to in-camp activities and day trips, over the course of their four weeks, Rough Rider boys and girls will learn the basics of horsemanship, hiking and backcountry ethics, fly-fishing and much more. Counselors and staff members work together to foster a camper’s sense of self-confidence within the TVRC community, as campers master new skills. At the end of the session, Rough Riders will have the opportunity to participate in Teton Valley Ranch Camp’s oldest camp tradition - the Rough Ride.