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In-Camp Activities

TVRC offers a wide variety of activities throughout the summer.


While camp may not have access to air conditioning, we do have access to crisp mountain lakes and rivers.

Swimming at TVRC is another great way for our campers to enjoy the amazing natural features of the area. At camp we have our own swimming pond, affectionately referred to as Lake Lebato. Complete with a dock for jumping, salamanders for catching, and a beach for relaxing. Lake Lebato provides endless fun and entertainment on hot and sunny days at the ranch. Most of the swimming our campers will do occurs in Lake Lebato, though a couple of backcountry trips will have access to bodies of water to cool off in.

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Camp is also fortunate to have immediate access to a full mile of the Wind River at the entrance of our property. On special occasions, camp will host a cookout on the shores of this fabled river, where campers will float downstream in tubes, and race home-made boats from Craftshop in the currents. Not to mention, the river is terrific for fishing!

Many of our staff at camp are trained Lifeguards, and maintain close supervision during all water activities, whether at camp or in the backcountry.

Target Sports

Teton Valley Ranch Camp has its very own riflery range, where campers are able to shoot .22 caliber rifles in a safe and educational environment. Before participating, each camper must go through a safety orientation. During this activity, our instructors focus on teaching gun safety and etiquette, proper handling and gun maintenance, as well as different shooting positions and marksmanship techniques. Over the course of the summer, campers are able to work towards riflery qualifications, as their scorecards are recorded during each session. At the end of the summer, each child receives his or her Certified Marksmanship Association patches signifying their achievements from the summer.

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The TVRC archery range allows archers a wonderful place to learn and practice. Following a mandatory safety session in the first few days of camp, children from every age group can participate in the archery program. Instructors match each camper with the appropriate size and strength bow and instruct on the safety procedures taken when at the range. Campers are coached on proper stance, drawing form, release and aiming techniques to advance their skills and qualifications in the archery program. At the end of the summer, the boys and girls receive patches and certificates indicating their progress over the course of the summer.


Each day, new and exciting activities are offered in Craftshop. From camp classics, such as the design and creation of your very own leather belt, to newer traditions like the TVRC Regatta, Craftshop will challenge your creative instincts.

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Definition: of or relating to stone and gems and the work involved in engraving, cutting, or polishing.

The lapidary program at TVRC is one of the more unique activities. The craft of lapidary involves the cutting and polishing of stones using specialized equipment to create jewelry such as necklaces and bolo ties as well as belt buckles and guitar picks. Campers gain knowledge of both local stones, such as Teton Jade, as well as more geographically prevalent stones like petrified wood or agate. This program is one of a few in existence among summer camps and is extremely popular among all campers. With the guidance of our lapidary staff, campers can progress from larger, simpler shaped stones to more intricate pieces over the course of the summer. Rock on!

Special Events & Activities

No two days at TVRC are the same! A few days out of the summer we have special events planned. Every season we have our very own TVRC Olympics and a River Day. Or there are activities days that a kitchen staff can teach campers how to make biscuits or a counselor might teach campers how to Irish Step Dance. The possibilities are endless here at TVRC, so come check them out for yourself!