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Learning to Lead

“Inspiring the Strength to Lead, and the Faith to Follow”

Spend a few minutes at Teton Valley Ranch Camp and you’re bound to hear this motto. This statement defines our philosophy, and our program design. What exactly does this mean in practice? We believe that before young people are able to step out and become leaders in their schools, on their teams, and in their communities, they must first learn to lead themselves. Self-leadership is defined by a young person’s ability to make positive choices, independently.

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TVRC gives young people the opportunity to develop the character and values that become the building blocks of great future citizens, team members, employees, coaches, and yes… leaders. Teaching “leadership skills” as some programs do is like handing a kid a hammer and thinking that means that they can go out and build a house. TVRC offers young people a progressive program both at the Ranch, and in the backcountry. The lessons that they learn, and the values that they define through challenges, success, and failure here at TVRC help to create a blueprint for the leadership that they employ personally, and that they eventually offer to others in the future.