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The TVRC Experience

Teton Valley Ranch Camp offers a traditional ranch camp experience strongly rooted in our camp’s Western Adventure traditions.

Our 30 day Ranch Camp allows campers to be fully immersed in what our 2,300-acre ranch and surrounding National Forests and Parks have to offer. From fly fishing in flowing rivers, summiting mountain peaks on a backpack or horse pack trip to Sunday rodeos, and enjoying a well-earned s’more at the day’s end, campers have an opportunity to try it all! Many of our campers arrive on the Ranch never having mounted a horse or strapped on a backpack for a multiday trip into the wilderness. But, by their fourth sunset on the Ranch, our Yearlings and Rough Riders have already slept outside overnight and are on their way to becoming tough, western adventurers. The traditional program builds on itself, and each summer the campers receive more responsibility and new challenges to conquer.

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TVRC has existed for over 80 years on the premise that venturing out into wild places gives us the opportunity, not necessarily to find ourselves, but to create ourselves.

Come join us at TVRC, where the spirit of the American West holds treasure waiting to be discovered!