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Outrider Expeditions

Two Week Backpacking Adventures in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

The Teton Valley Ranch Outrider Expeditions is a chance to introduce your camper to TVRC’s spirit through exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s wilds during a two-week backpacking experience.

The culture of the West, and of Teton Valley Ranch Camp, were built on the values of courage, community, appreciation, and a willingness to try. This shorter experience maintains the true values of TVRC and fosters the connections and community that we know and love. Campers will gather around campfires to sing Serenade and Peace, form bonds of friendship, experience great adventures, and develop grit. As one of our past campers put it, “The Ranch is great, but it’s on the trail that we learn life-lessons and forge great friendships!”

The Ranch is great, but it’s on the trail that we learn life-lessons and forge great friendships!

Each camper will embark on two different four or five day backpacking trips, depending on their age level. Our trips will bring Outriders into either Grand Teton National Park or one of the many national forests surrounding Jackson Hole and our 2,300-acre ranch. Campers will learn the skills of living in the backcountry, navigating using topographic maps and compasses, and participating as a leader and team member in their groups.

This two-week option is a great introduction for your camper if they are older and new to TVRC, or have a younger camper and would like to try TVRC out before joining a longer session with a more established Adventure Group. Campers are organized into three groups based on their age and history with TVRC. Each group of campers is led by 2 Trail Counselors, who have extensive backcountry experience and many who have led trips at TVRC. Every backpacking trip is tailored to the age group and single gender, with appropriate challenges for each group.

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We run a total of four Outrider programs during the summer season, with two session options during late July and early August. This is a limited program as we only take 10 campers per group, we have room for a total of 40 campers each summer. Please be sure to apply ASAP as we’re expecting this program to fill quickly for the upcoming summer.

For more information on where we travel, dates and rates, and to apply, please use the links below.

If you have any additional questions please email Matthew McGee at or if you’re ready to apply click the Apply Button below.