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Adventure Awaits

TVRC’s traditional Camp Program is a 30 day summer camp experience that includes a variety of activities on our ranch and a chance to explore the west and rugged landscapes like generations before us have. Our in-camp program provides a variety of traditional camp activities and unique Wyoming specific adventures. From horseback riding to fly fishing, lapidary to archery, each day, campers can try something new!

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Campers are divided into five Adventure Groups, Yearlings, Rough Riders, Tops Hands, Wranglers, and Trail Blazers, based on both age and experience. Each summer builds on the previous summer’s experience, as each year becomes more challenging and involved. Depending upon the day, different activities may be offered based upon the Adventure Group’s specific goals, challenges, and tasks.

On a typical TVRC day, after breakfast, campers assemble at the activity fence to hear the morning’s options, and select their activity. After lunch and rest hour, campers return to the fence to choose their afternoon adventure. While campers always develop their favorite activities, each child is encouraged to try everything offered during their time in-camp.

In addition to a wide range of half-day activities, several day trips depart each morning. These trips include fishing expeditions, trail rides, day hikes, and Discovery adventures. With a myriad of opportunities right in our backyard, campers love to take advantage of these trips; from swimming in high alpine lakes to fishing a stretch of a pristine river, day trips are always a hit!

Alongside our day trips and in-camp activities, our backcountry trips program provides an opportunity to explore Wyoming like never before. Every camper completes a backpacking trip and a horse pack trip, exposing them to the beauty and wonders our world has to offer.