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There is a moment when you are coming over Togwotee pass that completely takes your breath away. When all of a sudden you round the bend and you see the Tetons, laying before you, utterly majestic. It was one of the most magnificent moments of my life, and now I get to share that moment of seeing the Tetons for the first time with others. 4 years ago, as I was driving back home to Oregon from Denver, I made the decision to route through the Tetons and explore a bit as I made my way home. At that exact instant, with the Tetons standing dramatically in front of me, I knew that I would be returning to this magical place, I just had no idea how it would completely change the course of my life. I had been hearing faint rumblings about Teton Valley Ranch Camp for years and at that time I was considering pursuing a career in Outdoor Education and transitioning away from International Development. I applied to work for the following summer and that was it, I was hooked.

When I stepped onto the TVRC property and experienced what we like to call “the magic of camp” for the first time, I realized that I was finally in a community where I could be my truest most genuine self. I was surrounded by like minded individuals that were passionate about impacting children’s lives and utilizing the outdoors and adventure to create positive transformation and to instill real values. Time and time again I see examples of why TVRC is so valuable and life changing to so many people; both campers and staff alike. I see our community rise to challenges, showing vulnerability when it would be easier to shy away or shrink back. This vulnerability strengthens relationships and builds the lifelong friendships that we come to TVRC hoping to find. The world outside of TVRC often creates boundaries that tell us how to be human, yet at camp we can experience such untainted joy and unfettered ecstasy that the task becomes finding ways to transfer these skills that we have learned at camp, about being fully human and staying true to ourselves, to the world outside.

I have so much gratitude for the mentors and role models in my life that have encouraged me to walk my own path and discover my own journey. I have learned that I much rather get lost along the way to discovering my passions than be stuck in something that is not aligned with my values. Through TVRC I have discovered what it means to work for an organization that I truly believe in, where I can find meaning in my work every day. Work that I know is contributing to helping others find themselves and their own values. TVRC provides an environment for exploration and self-discovery, but most importantly, allows us to lean on the unconditional support and loving boundaries around us. Finding meaning requires letting go of what you feel like you ‘should do,’ and showing up every day to give 100% towards what matters to you. It is a commitment to the work, a commitment to the community and most important a commitment to helping others grow.

We still have staff openings for the summer and we would love nothing more than to share our love of this special part of the world with new staff members! Head over to the website to apply today.