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We create a team each summer of returning and new staff members, some are camper alumns and some have just heard of us in their 20’s and 30’s. Our goal each year is to find staff who share in our common vision of creating a space where children can experience the wilds of Wyoming, challenge themselves and learn about the beautiful place we call home. We seek out people with personal integrity, attention to detail, a focus on constant improvement, exceptional customer service and of course, folks who are fun!

At TVRC, you have the sense of being a part of something bigger. Our camp traditions date back to when Teton Valley Ranch Camp first opened in 1939. Whether it’s singing and telling stories around the campfire or Sunday rodeos, our traditions create a sense of community and unity. By disconnecting from technology, you are able to connect to the nature surrounding us and make strong, meaningful relationships.

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Beyond experiencing a summer full of adventure and excitement, being a camp counselor equips you with life-long skills. TVRC provides ample opportunities to build leadership, management, and personal skills that translate further than camp settings. Regardless of your college major or background, summer camp develops professional skills, all while having fun on the ranch and in Wyoming’s backcountry!

We are thrilled that you are interested in working at TVRC this summer. We can promise you a summer full of adventure, fun, hard work, challenge and reward!