TVRC Staff and Camper Outside of Camp Contact

All of us at Teton Valley Ranch Camp take the safety and security of children seriously and hold it as our highest priority. With the change in the digital age, it’s now easier than ever for people to communicate electronically, or virtually. We value the relationships created at camp and understand the importance of protecting our campers and respecting their privacy. Apps and programs like Texting, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tiktok, and many others make communication virtually instantaneous. Unfortunately, they are also very difficult, if not impossible, to monitor. Further, TVRC cannot control what staff choose to post on their personal social media accounts, who follows them, or who contacts them.

TVRC is unable to monitor communications between campers and staff outside of camp. As partners in the parenting process, we ask that you inform the TVRC Leadership Team of any inappropriate outside communications or behavior to us so that we can determine if a camper or staff member should be welcome back into our community.

It is essential that you communicate to your children that any hurtful or inappropriate communication between campers outside of camp may result in them not being allowed to return to TVRC.

We also inform our staff that ANY contact between staff and campers that occurs outside of camp needs to take place in a forum in which parents are aware of the contact and requires parental permission. We recommend that they write physical letters that are typically seen by parents in the mail. We discourage staff from “friending” and following campers on social media as well as prohibit them from texting or private messaging individual campers. We encourage parents to supervise all social media interactions of their minor children closely. Including interactions between campers and between campers and staff members. Please inform the Camp Director or Program Manager of any inappropriate interactions outside of camp so that we are aware of campers or staff members who are not following our policy.

In the past, parents have viewed a person’s status as a current or former TVRC staff member as a blanket recommendation for the person to act in the capacity of private babysitter or nanny for their child after camp. When staff are no longer working for us (during the off-season), we are no longer able to supervise them in their behaviors and interactions with campers. While the majority of our staff would receive a positive recommendation from us, not all of them are eligible for rehire. Please do not view a person’s status of working at Teton Valley Ranch Camp as a blanket recommendation from us. Don’t hesitate to call us for an employment reference if you are seeking to hire a former staff member for a position with your family!

Below is TVRC’s Employment policy for seasonal staff members regarding Social Media and contact with campers outside of camp. Our goal in sharing this with you is to empower you to report actions, contact, or events that violate this policy or are not in the best interest of your child’s safety and wellbeing. If you have any questions, please contact the Camp Director or Program Manager.

Social Media and Contact with Campers Outside of Camp

TVRC-EF recognizes the many benefits of the relationships created at camp. We foster those relationships while respecting the personal privacy of all those involved.

We encourage staff not to accept invitations from campers to connect via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Vine, LinkedIn, Snap chat, etc. If a staff/volunteer chooses to connect with a camper, he/she must understand that they are viewed by that camper and their family as a representative of camp and should continue to maintain professional boundaries. Staff are not permitted to initiate an invitation to connect to a camper via any social networking sites.

If staff plan to email, text, telephone, or exchange letters with a camper, the staff must first contact the parent/guardian and obtain permission. If they need assistance doing so, the staff/volunteer may contact the program manager to receive guidance on how to facilitate that connection. Any staff interested in an in-person visit must obtain approval by the program manager before the initial meeting. If staff would like to utilize camp as a liaison to avoid disclosing personal information, please contact the Program Manager for assistance. The Program Manager notes this in the camper’s file of the request and/or approves the communication (names, date, decision, etc).

Staff members are requested not to post images of campers on their social media accounts. Staff members are requested not to post images of unwholesome activities while wearing TVRC clothing, referencing TVRC, or of the TVRC facility, logo, and/or Brand.

Adhering to these guidelines is one of the factors that keep staff in “good standing” with TVRC-EF for continued employment opportunities.