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We operate two seasons, a Boys’ Session and a Girls’ Session. Counselors lead a group of campers for the same gender as themselves and transition to support roles during the other season. All counselors are split into two groups and have a dual role–either counsenlor/trip leader or counselor/program leader. Depending on past experience and qualifications, as a counselor you can either lead the backcountry trips that your campers embark on, or lead in camp program areas during the days your group is in camp. When Counselors are workng at TVRC during the season they are not a counselor, they fill into support roles. These roles include, but are not limited to, kitchen staff, cleaning, scullery and maintenance.

If you have any questions about available positions, the applicaiton process, or working at TVRC, email Marshall at mcherry@tvrcamp.org.

We have many positions available, below we have highlighted a few!

To Apply:

  1. Please take some time to review all of the information available in this section of the website. This is important to get to know TVRC and our expectations.
  2. Complete the online application on the next page.
  3. Interview with a member of the TVRC management team (over the phone or on zoom).