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The Heart of the

Teton Valley Ranch Camp Experience

Teton Valley Ranch Camp was established in 1939 to provide unique, challenging, and fun western and backcountry experiences to campers 11 to 16 years old. Through everything we do, TVRC instills passion and respect for the outdoors while building self-confidence, skills, and lasting friendships.

TVRC’s traditional Camp Program is a 30-day summer experience that includes a variety of activities on our ranch and a chance to explore the rugged landscapes of the West. Our program provides a variety of classic camp activities and unique Wyoming adventures. From horseback riding to fly fishing, lapidary to archery, each day, campers can try something new!

On a typical TVRC day, campers assemble at the fence after breakfast to hear the morning’s options, and select their activity. After lunch and rest hour, campers return to the fence to choose their afternoon adventure.

In addition to a wide range of half-day activities, several day trips depart each morning. These trips include fishing expeditions, trail rides, and day hikes. With a myriad of opportunities right in our backyard, campers love to go swimming in high alpine lakes and fishing in pristine rivers—day trips are always a hit!

Alongside our day trips and in-camp activities, our backcountry trips program provides an opportunity to explore Wyoming like never before. Every camper completes a backpacking trip and a horse pack trip, exposing them to the beauty and wonders our world has to offer.

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Camp Grows with You

Campers are divided into five Adventure Groups based on age and experience: Yearlings, Rough Riders, Top Hands, Wranglers, and Trailblazers. Each summer builds on the previous summer’s experience, as each year becomes more challenging.

Our 30-day Ranch Camp experience allows campers to be fully immersed in all our 2,300-acre ranch and surrounding National Forests and Parks have to offer. From summiting mountain peaks on a backpack or horse pack trip to Sunday rodeos, or enjoying a well-earned s’more at the day’s end—campers have an opportunity to try it all! Many of our campers arrive at the Ranch never having mounted a horse or strapped on a backpack for a multi-day trip into the wilderness. By their fourth sunset on the Ranch, our Yearlings and Rough Riders have already slept outside overnight and are on their way to becoming tough, western adventurers. The traditional program builds on itself, and each summer the campers receive more responsibility and new challenges to conquer.

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The Mission of Teton Valley Ranch Camp is to provide inspiring western adventure in the Jackson Hole and Yellowstone area.

We have been hiking and riding some of the same beautiful and wild trails for over 85 years. Some of our trips into the National Forests around Jackson Hole have been taking place since before Wilderness Areas were established!

Through this work and the expertise we’ve built over the decades, TVRC has become a trusted partner with our families. Ultimately, we create future generations of leaders ready for challenges ahead.

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TVRC Core Values:

  • Strength to Lead and Faith to Follow: Rising to the occasion and trusting in the team.
  • Answering the Call: Shared achievement in a supportive community; we summit together.
  • Ready to Ride: Developing grit, gratitude, and generosity through challenging western adventure.
  • Stewardship: Instilling care and respect for the land and wilderness.
  • Lifelong Friendships: Genuine connections to others, memories that last.
  • TVRC celebrates and cultivates fun, joy, and humor in all we do!
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Accolades for TVRC

We’ve been fortunate enough to be listed as: