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This past Sunday, June 16th, marked the start of the summer season here at TVRC. Arrival Day is arguably one of the best days of camp, filled with smiles and hugs as returning campers connect after a year apart and handshakes and welcoming invitations to join in a game of basketball or Ultimate Frisbee to campers who are new to the ranch. At campfire last night one of our campers said that his favorite part of camp is, “meeting old friends,” and we could not agree more. One of the greatest aspects of TVRC is the progressive nature of camp and that friendships are built and strengthened summer after summer. Often lasting throughout an alumni’s entire life.

The setting of arrival day is always one that welcomes our campers to the next month of their life and adventure in Wyoming. All of our staff were decked out in their Bestern (Best + Western, which includes cowboy boots, jeans, a belt, and a TVRC branded western button down shirt), we played Games on the Green as campers checked in and got settled into the rhythm of camp. A little rain did not stop our campers from moving in and running all over the ranch, acclimating to their new surroundings and discovering programming at camp that will soon fill their days. Our first campfire featured a silly game led by our Executive Director, Matty, that had us all laughing. Campfire concluded, as always, with one of our favorite traditions, singing Teton Serenade and Peace of the River (S&P). These songs afford all of us the chance to end our day with gratitude for the community that we have been given and to say goodnight. It also ties in this year’s campers with 80 years of heritage and tradition at TVRC. Teton Serenade was written by TVRC campers in the 1950’s and has carried on at camp since it’s debut at a Campfire over six decades ago.

As we open oursummer season we are looking forward to traveling the same trails we have been hiking for decades and having new adventures with this generation of campers. This season is all about remembering where we have been as well as continuing to climb ever higher! As we dive into another summer of supporting campers in their adventure here in Wyoming, we reflect on advice that Ellen Wilson, daughter of our founders Weenie and Mary Ellen Wilson, gave us during her most recent visit, “Never forget the little guy,” and remember that, “We all have more skills than we think we do. We all know more than we think we do. We all have talents that are extraordinary.”

Here’s to our 81st summer and all the adventure that lies ahead!