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Preparing for the Summer: Packing

As we look forward to Summer 2022 and count down the days to the first campers arriving on camp, which is only 76 days now, our minds are set on how to best prepare for a summer on the Ranch. No matter if your camper is returning for their fourth summer or joining us for the very first time, one of the most important ways to prepare for the summer is to strategize your packing game-plan and involve your camper in the process.

Getting Luggage to Camp

Most campers bring a duffel and a trunk to the Ranch with them. Many parents also find it helpful to ship a box of bedding and other items. Some campers ship their items to the Ranch while others bring their luggage with them on the airplane. UPS, FedEx, Ship Camps, and USPS all deliver to the Ranch address. If you decide to ship luggage, please ensure that a TVRC luggage tag (we will send these to you) is on each piece of luggage. In CampMinder, you’ll find a baggage form, where you can indicate what luggage you’ve shipped. Once we receive your luggage at the Ranch, you will receive a confirmation phone call or email. When your child arrives at camp, his/her luggage will be waiting for him/her in the correct cabin. Please allow 10 days for your child’s luggage to arrive at the Ranch.

Ship Camps is a service that we recommend and encourage you to consider. They specialize in shipping camp gear and have been able to simplify the shipping process for our families. You will also find that they already have our bag arrival and departure dates. If you are interested in this service, you can find out more at: https://www.shipcamps.com/tetonvalleyranchcamp. Also, Ship Camps is now connected with your CampInTouch account, so you can login and click the banner at the top of your page to ship luggage to TVRC through Ship Camps.

You will receive a phone call or email toward the end of camp confirming the method of sending your camper’s luggage home. You will have already specified this information on the baggage form (found in your CampMinder account), but we find it helps to double check with parents before the end of the season. Your child can either take luggage with them on the airplane or have their luggage shipped home via FedEx Ground or Ship Camps. If you choose to have your luggage shipped, your camper’s Trading Post account will be billed according to the size and weight of your package. Shipment typically costs between $125-175. Please allow 10-14 days for the delivery of your camper’s luggage. **Please note that it is extremely common for trunks to be damaged or destroyed during shipment. While they can be insured through the shipper, TVRC accepts no responsibility for damaged or destroyed luggage. Because of the large volume of luggage that is shipped from the Ranch at the end of each season, it is impossible to meet specific needs (e.g. placing each trunk in a box). If you are concerned about the condition of your trunk, it is best to check it on the airplane with your camper, or ship it home yourself from the FedEx or UPS stores in Jackson, WY.

Packing List

Boys’ and Girls’ Season Pack-List

Expedition Pack-list

These lists show all necessary and optional gear for camp.


Laundry service is offered to campers twice weekly at the ranch. Counselors will help campers keep their clothing clean and ready for whatever adventure awaits! Because the laundry room is a very busy place, it is essential that you clearly label EVERY item (including bedding and sleeping bag) your child brings to camp. Camp is very rough on clothing and personal belongings. Please don’t pack cloths or things that you would be upset about being ruined at camp!

Packing for Wyoming Weather

The beautiful mountains of Wyoming are full of unpredictable weather. In order to make sure that your camper is prepared, please ensure that he/she has adequate bedding and warm layers. It is not uncommon to wake up to frost and go to sleep to snowfall in June. While summer days may be warm and sunny, mornings and nights will require a jacket, warm socks, a hat, and mittens! A rain jacket and rain pants are also critical around camp and on backcountry trips.

Packing for the Backcountry

Before your child heads out on a backcountry trip, he/she will meet with a TVRC trip leader and counselor to review a packing list. TVRC will provide sleeping pads, backpacks, and all group gear (tents, stoves, cooking utensils, etc.) for backcountry trips. All items that your child will need to provide are included in the camper equipment list.

Staying Organized

In order to help your camper be prepared and stay organized at camp— involve them in the packing process, so that they are aware of the clothes and equipment they have with them and how it fits in their luggage. It is helpful to have an organizational system in place for your camper’s luggage because they will be living out of their trunk and duffel (or two large duffels) for the 4 weeks that they are on the Ranch. Another strategy that can help ease your camper’s anxiety or help them feel more at home when they are at camp is to plan ahead of time how they will set up their bed at camp. No matter how you pack, we hope that you are getting just as excited for Summer 2022 as we are! All of us on the TVRC team are anxiously awaiting our chance to welcome you all back to the Ranch this summer.