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Girls’ Camp Is Full, Boys’ Camp Is Almost Full

Our outdoor adventure, horseback riding, wilderness, over the top fun, sleepaway summer camp is the place to be in 2023! We’ve started our wait lists for the summer, but don’t be discouraged. Family plans change, things happen, and a few spots open up between now and summer. That’s why we have the wait list! Apply now to secure your spot in line.

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Is TVRC the Best Ranch Camp?

Of course we think we’re the best camp in Wyoming so who wouldn’t want to be here this summer? But we don’t want to boast… we’ll let our campers tell you what they think.

I made more memories in the 7 summers here than I have the rest of my 16 years.

— Charlie, TB ’22

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When I first started camp, I was worried about every tiny detail, and worrying that I was a kid from London who didn’t know how to be in the backcountry.

My only regret at TVRC is not coming as a Yearling. I find each summer went by too fast, and I wish I had more time to go riding or hiking.

My list of memories from TVRC goes on and on. TVRC creates an environment where you can make lasting memories — even the things that seem normal or basic — anything here can turn into something amazing and a cherished memory.

Hike with your head up, literally and metaphorically. Appreciate the beauty of what’s around you and keep a positive attitude. If there’s ever an opportunity to be kind, just do it.

You have to come back. After my Rough Rider year, I wasn’t sure. And the closer it got, the more nervous I was. My mom signed me up anyway, and I’m so grateful for her making me come back, as it was one of the best summers ever. To say I’m thankful for that would be an understatement.

— Owen, TB ’19

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It has been my pleasure to send my four grandchildren to TVRC. They have loved camp and the many opportunities and experiences it has provided, and I have loved watching them grow and learn. It is a summer spent on an “even playing field” … at altitude and with a mountain or two!

People and camping skills rule. My grandchildren (3 boys and 1 girl) live in cities and now share my appreciation for the mountains and the environment.

If asked today, as well as years from now, to name an experience that made a positive difference in their lives, it would most certainly be camp. Thank you, TVRC!

— Joan, Grandparent

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Love this camp! Attended when I was a kid, worked there in college, and now my kids are living the same experiences I had the opportunity to enjoy. Lessons I learned at TVRC I’ve carried through life: Leadership, perseverance, acceptance, patience, respect for nature, etc. Current leadership has done an excellent job adapting to, while not conforming to, today’s world. Kids are off their devices and engaged with one another. This is invaluable in today’s modern world. The core tenants and values continue to shine through after 80+ years. Thank you TVRC!

— Steven Sparks