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TVRC's Blooming Friendship

Every summer, Teton Valley Ranch Camp has the fortunate opportunity to make connections with talented people who wish to share their passions and art with our camping community. This summer, we were privileged to get to know Courtney Sixx (How2Girl), Founder and Co-Designer of Bouquet Box. Courtney came to camp with her Flower Girls and hosted a flower arranging workshop during afternoon activities. We had around 60 campers participate, creating beautiful flower arrangements which later adorned each dining hall table, cabin, and office space. Courtney shared her passion for creating beautiful things with her How2 spirit while also sharing the meaning behind each flower. To learn more about Bouquet Box, the first ever DIY floral experience, please visit www.bouquetbox.com. Courtney will be launching Bouquet Box Bar in October to create similar floral-centered party events. To learn more visit www.bouquetboxbar.com.