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Pull on your boots… it’s time to get riding!

The riding program is the core of the in-camp program. It also offers wonderful opportunities for campers to experience the true, western traditions! Whether you are brand new to western riding or an experienced horse-person, campers will receive guidance and encouragement from our skillful barn staff. Each day a wide range of riding activities take place including gymkhana, rodeos, horsemanship, half day trail rides, full day trail rides, and roping.

Trail Rides

If you like exploring the West on trails, then our trail rides are for you! Trail rides (both half and full day) allow campers to explore the wonders of Wyoming both on and off the ranch property. Some rides will have destinations like a beautiful waterfall, a historic cabin or an amazing fishing hole. Our most famous of rides is our Breakfast Ride. Camper’s sign up the evening before and tie a bandana to their bunk. Early in the morning, the Barn Staff will come around and wake all the campers who have signed up. They’ll quietly pull on their chilly western boots and head down to the barn for a sunrise horseback ride to the Breakfast Ride Spot. There they’ll be greeted by some of the TVRC staff who are making bacon, eggs and pancakes on an old fashioned pot bellied stove. During breakfast campers hear tails of the West, including some stories about TVRC in the early days! All of our trail rides are truly something special and are always a favorite in-camp activity.

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If you enjoy learning the basics of riding a horse and exploring ways of becoming a better horseman or horsewoman, then our horsemanship program is for you! Our horsemanship program will start at the very beginning with every rider on foot. No matter what your ability, all will advance in this program that is meant to improve riders of all backgrounds. Horsemanship is a key to any equestrian and our experienced barn staff share their knowledge of working with horses both on foot and on their backs with our camper each year. Increasing horsemanship skills allows campers to get even more out of the other horse activities offered at the ranch.

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Rodeos and Gymkhana

If you enjoy rodeos, then TVRC is the place for you! Gymkhana (rodeo events) are offered as part of our in-camp programming and is a popular activity. Gymkhana events include barrel racing, pole bending, musical mares, the slow race, and keyhole. All this is practice for our weekly Sunday rodeos. Campers participate in friendly competition and cheer on their friends at these special events. Complete with a water balloon toss and dance contest, rodeos are a highlight for campers each week. At the end of each season a Rodeo King and a Rodeo Queen are crowned for a job well done!

As you will see on our pack list, a lariat is an essential part of a camper’s time here at TVRC. Each camper will learn how to rope a jack and hone their skills as a roper. We also have team roping at every rodeo, and it is a great way for campers to show off their skills!