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Swimming at TVRC is another great way for our campers to enjoy the amazing natural features of the area. At camp we have our own swimming pond, affectionately referred to as Lake Lebato. Complete with a dock for jumping, salamanders for catching, and a beach for relaxing. Lake Lebato provides endless fun and entertainment on hot and sunny days at the Ranch. Most of the swimming our campers will do occurs in Lake Lebato.

Camp is also fortunate to have immediate access to a full mile of the Wind River at the entrance of our property. On special occasions, camp will host a cookout on the shores of this fabled river, where campers will float downstream in tubes, and race home-made boats from Craftshop in the currents. Not to mention, the river is terrific for fishing!

Many of our staff at camp are trained Lifeguards, and maintain close supervision over campers during all water activities.