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Arrival Day at TVRC

Opening Day is always an exciting time at TVRC!

Please check back here regularly for updates as we get closer to Boys’ and Girls’ Arrival Days.

Key Details about Opening Day

Campers Flying into JAC

Boys’ Season Campers: JAC will be CLOSED for Boys’ Arrival Day please make alternative travel plans to SLC or Riverton Airports where TVRC will be running charter buses to pick up campers. Call the TVRC office with any questions.

  • Please make sure your camper’s flight information is updated in the form section of CampMinder. Our parent Coordinator will be contacting parents to confirm their camper’s flight information in the weeks prior to opening day.
  • Make sure negative PCR Test Information uploaded into your CampInTouch account or Campanion App prior to your camper’s arrival.
  • If your camper is fully vaccinated (2 Pfizer doses + 2 weeks), upload your camper’s vaccine card into CampIntouch or Campanion App. There is no need for a PCR test for fully vaccinated campers.
  • Campers who are flying into the JAC Airport will be met by the TVRC Liaison in the Baggage Claim area.
  • Luggage will be collected and all campers will go to the restroom to wash their hands thoroughly.
  • The TVRC Liaison will take the campers to meet the TVRC van and will be driven to the ranch along with other campers arriving at a similar time.
  • While in the van, the campers will spread out as much as possible and will wear face coverings.
  • Once the campers arrive at the ranch, they will go through the check-in process listed below.

Campers Being Dropped off by vehicle

  • We will have staggered drop-off times between 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for each Adventure group during your camper’s session. We are doing this in the hope we will prevent bottlenecks and long waits during this process. If your family has already made travel plans that are contrary to the times listed, Please contact us and let us know! We understand and will accommodate these requests when possible.

Boy’s Season - June 13th

  • Trailblazers and Wranglers - 9:00 am -10:00 am
  • Top Hands and Rough Riders - 10:00 am -11:00 am
  • Rough Riders and Yearlings - 11:00 am - 12:000 pm

Girl’s Season - July 15th

  • Wrangler and Top Hands- 9:00 am -10:00 am
  • Rough Riders - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Yearling Girls -11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Outrider Expeditions Session 1 - June 20th 1:30-2:30 pm

Outrider Expeditions Session 2 - July 22nd 1:30-2:30 pm

If you have multiple campers to drop off, you are more than welcome to choose the drop-off time that works best for your family. However, we would suggest the later time so your younger camper isn’t waiting for their cabinmates to arrive. If you are running late and will miss your arrival time, do not worry! We understand we are very remote and timing isn’t a science. Come when you can, and we will be ready to greet you when you arrive. The only exception is if you will miss our 12:00 p.m. cut-off time; if you will not make it to the ranch by 12 noon, please call our office at (307)455-2885 and let us know so we can make arrangements.

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  • When you arrive at the ranch, you will enter our gated Entrance and drive down the 4 mile road to the main part of camp.

  • You will wait in one of the car lanes until we can process your car. Everyone in your car, including your camper, needs to be wearing a mask.

  • Parents and campers will stay in your vehicle. When you reach the front of your car lane, you will be greeted by one of our Leadership Team members to process your car.

  • Each Camper will need to have a negative PCR test result prior to Opening Day unless they have been fully vaccinated (2 doses Pfizer + 2 weeks). Parents should upload these results into CampInTouch or Campanion. The Leadership Team will have a list of all the test results the morning of opening day. (Although not recommended, a copy of the test result can be handed in at this time) If you are looking for a convenient at-home PCR test, visit visit to register and order a test to be delivered to your home.

  • Health Logs will also be required to be completed 14 days prior to opening day. You will receive information in a couple of weeks with more information on our new Campanion App.These health logs will be easy to keep up with through the app’s reminders and notifications. We also ask that your camper only participate in Safer Activities as defined by the CDC the 14 days prior to camp.

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  • At your first station, someone from the medical team will administer a Rapid Antigen COVID-19 test by quickly swabbing your camper. We have chosen to use BinaxNOW tests.Results take between 10-15 minutes, which is about how long our Check-in Process should take.

  • While we are waiting for the results of the COVID-19 test, your camper will be met by another member of the Medical Team for a health check. At this time, one of our nurses will check your camper’s temperature. If you have specific questions about your camper’s health or medication, or would like to speak with one of our nurses, please reach out before opening day to make this check in process a little quicker and more streamline. You can email the nurses at or call the ranch at (307)455-3021.

  • If your camper has medications, this is the time to hand them over to the medical team. Have the medication in the original Rx bottle in a ziplock bag. Ensure there is enough medication to last the full month long camp session. Make sure these medications are listed on your camper’s health forms ahead of time. If there are specific instructions, feel free to write them down and place them with the medications in the ziplock bag.

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  • We sent luggage tags in your camper’s mailer packet last month. Please clearly label your camper’s name on the tag and place on the luggage. When you are putting the luggage in your car for Opening Day, please make sure the tags are facing out towards our staff in the back of your vehicle so that we can easily find them. Separate your camper’s luggage from any other luggage that may be in the back of your car (we don’t want to accidentally unload your personal bags!). Our staff will add your camper’s cabin name to the tags when we are processing your car, and then we will transport your camper’s bags to their cabin.

  • Our staff will deliver your camper’s luggage to the correct cabin. The luggage will be transported in the back of a truck or on a trailer, so ensure all luggage is packed properly ahead of time. If you have mailed your camper’s items prior to camp, they will already be waiting for your camper in their cabin.

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  • When campers exit the car, they will be met by one of their camp counselors. At this point, parents can exit the car to hug their campers, knowing they are about to have one of the best experiences of their lives! They will immediately join their cabin and adventure group and the fun will begin!

  • We plan to complete all of the necessary Opening Day check-in procedures in 15 minutes once we reach your car. We hope it will be a quick process! Because we have to move quickly to process all cars, we may not have time to answer specific questions (about medical issues or cabin friend details). Please reach out before your camper’s session if you have any questions or concerns.

  • If your camper has a fever, tests positive for COVID-19 or if there are any other health concerns during check-in, we will have a place for you to pull over (before your camper exits the car) to talk to a nurse and director and make a plan.

  • On your way out of camp, we will have one more stop for parents. If you have any pre-written letters, you can drop these off.(dropping letters is optional; feel free to mail ahead of time!). For these letters, please make sure that they have your camper’s first and last name clearly written on the envelope as well as the day they should be delivered (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, etc.).