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Adventure Groups

Campers are divided into five Adventure Groups based on both age and TVRC-experience. Two to four cabins comprise one Adventure Group. Each summer builds on the previous summer’s experience, with increasing challenge each year a camper returns. Many campers complete the full-five summer program. Typically campers start as Yearlings (11 years old) or Rough Riders (12-14 years old) and progress through the adventure groups as described below.

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Yearling ➞ Rough Rider ➞ Top Hand ➞ Wrangler ➞ Trailblazer

While we strongly encourage this progression at Teton Valley Ranch Camp, we are open to accepting first year campers that are 14 or 15 years old as Top Hands or Wranglers. When you apply with an older first time camper we ask that you reach out to our team at the office - - to determine if they should be in the Top Hand or Wrangler program.

With our progressive structure, relationship-building becomes an important aspect of camp life. Living with a small group of cabin mates and taking on challenges together, a TVRC camper learns to positively participate and contribute to a group. Campers develop awareness, providing them opportunities to be a leader, and when to be supportive of others’ ideas. Our campers gain confidence in their personal strengths and develop a strong understanding and appreciation for teamwork. Below you will find descriptions of each TVRC Adventure Group.