The Top Hand adventure group consists of 2nd and 3rd year campers, who are between 13-15 years old. Top Hands specialize in one of three primary programs- riding, fishing, or hiking. With a year or two of camp experience under their belts, this program provides the perfect opportunity for campers to focus on their interests and deepen their knowledge and skill sets.

As Riding Specialists, Top Hands have the opportunity to work hand in hand with the barn staff to increase their riding and horsemanship skills. As a Fishing Specialist, they are taught more advanced fishing techniques and fly-tying patterns, which are tested on day trips, backpacks, and pack trips. Hiking Specialists work with trip leaders to further their backcountry, navigation, and mountaineering skills.

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While campers pursue their individual interests,throughout the summer, the group, as a whole, works together. The Top Hand adventure group learns and practices what it means to be an individual who is also a part of a team. Campers participate in group projects, like the traditional “Top Hand Service Project” and will be faced with challenges that encourage them to share knowledge from their specialties with one another.