As Wranglers, campers become more involved in the barn and riding program. Campers work with the barn staff and their counselors to learn about proper handling and care of horses, as well as practice more advanced riding and horsemanship techniques. Truly learning what it means to be a cowboy or cowgirl. Wranglers have the responsibility to wrangle the horses each morning, moving the herd from the pastures into the corrals-there are few moments where one feels more like a cowboy or cowgirl than on those early morning rides!

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In addition to the increased exposure to riding, Wranglers go on some of the camp’s most well-regarded backpacking trips. Campers have the opportunity to summit a peak over 10,000 ft., increased group responsibilities on the trail, and participate in numerous team building opportunities. On their pack trips, counselors and outfitters teach campers how to pack gear on mules using the diamond hitch, care for horses in a backcountry setting, and implement riding skills outside of a riding arena. Campers rely on former summers’ experiences, skills, and challenges, to take on the Wrangler program!